World Peace Prayer at Gokoku Shrine on September 21, 2019
KIGO held by a Japanese calligrapher

We will be waiting to meet you at KIGO sites, to pray for world peace with all of you.
Administration fee is free./ No advanced reservation is required.

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Organization: WA Project TAISHI

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About us
     “WA Project TAISHI” is a volunteer-based non-profitable organization to achieve peace throughout the world by introducing Japanese traditional culture both at home and abroad. 

What is KIGO?
     Sekijyo-KIGO, commonly known as “Calligraphy Performance” performed by a Calligrapher in front of an audience is a traditional Japanese Spiritual Culture similar to Zen. When the calligrapher writes a word, phrase or wish chosen from their heart on a large paper, the audience’s attention gathers towards the Calligrapher’s appearance and the tip of their brush. Just like a conductor in an orchestra putting together a symphony, a Calligrapher makes everyone’s feelings come together, which strengthens the feelings of prayer. This times opportunity will make everyone’s mind look towards world peace, harmony of the world, and the tolerance of spirit. A Calligrapher wearing Kimono will write a message of world peace and Wa Spirit. 


Gokoku Shrine
     Japanese Shinto is based around nature worship, similar to the religious outlook of Celtic people, Native Americans, Aborigines, and Hawaiians. The thinking is not merely about revering nature but learning the way of life and the way of the heart from nature. Japanese people believe that the truth of the universe is in nature.

     Japanese shrines are dedicated to KAMI, a Japanese name for God. However for Japanese, KAMI is not identical to GOD in English. KAMI means all kinds of things that they think they cannot even come close to. Natural energy such as wind and thunder, ancestors, the souls of the dead, evil spirits, GOD in Christianity, and Allah in Islam are all KAMI. Japanese people have enshrined such beings as KAMI at shrines sometimes to worship, and sometimes to mourn.

     At Gokoku Shrine, the war dead soldiers who fought to protect their home, and policemen and fire fighters who have died while on duty are consoled as KAMI. There are some that exhibit weapons, but that is to exhibit them as historical records, never to affirm war.

     Most of the KAMI in Gokoku Shrine were young people who would not have had died if it had not been for war. The deepest wish of those soldiers killed in the war and of the visitors to the shrine is world peace. Among Japanese shrines, Gokoku Shrine is therefore a shrine to pray for peace.

     September 21st is the International Day of Peace established by the United Nations. On that day, we would like both Japanese people and people from other countries to pray for world peace together at Gokoku shrine.


updated on 9/19
 Shrine  City & Map  Calligrapher  Start time
Sapporo Gokoku Sapporo YAMADA Kiun 16 : 00
Hokkaido Gokoku Asahikawa 13 : 30
Yamagata Gokoku Yamagata KAMEI Tsutomu 10 : 00
Iwate Gokoku Morioka High School Calligraphy Club of  Iwate Joshi 10 : 30
Aomoriken Gokoku Hirosaki TSUSHIMA Rikako 10 : 30
Tochigiken Gokoku Utsunomiya ONOZAKI Keita 14 : 00
Ibarakiken Gokoku Ibaraki Mito First High School Calligraphy Club 13 : 00
Yamanashiken Gokoku Kofu KUWANA Ryuki 14 : 00
Shizuokaken Gokoku Shizuoka SHIRATORI Kinryo 11 : 00
Aichiken Gokoku Nagoya High School Calligraphy Club of Ohkagakuen 10 : 30
Gifu Gokoku Gifu High School Calligraphy Club of  Gifu Sogo Gakuen 10 : 30
Hida Gokoku Takayama Eigetsu 13 : 30
Naganoken Gokoku Matsumoto 14 : 30
Mieken Gokoku Tsu ITO Junichi 15 : 00
Niigataken Gokoku Niigata SHIMODA Saisui / SHIMODA Kohan 15 : 30
Ishikawa Gokoku Kanazawa NOMURA Meri / Charlotte Suzanne Tournet 14 : 00
Fukuiken Gokoku Fukui JYAKURIN 11 : 00
Shigaken Gokoku Hikone KANDA Kozan 11 : 00
Osaka Gokoku Osaka MOTOYAMA Yuko 09 : 30
Hyogoken Kobe Gokoku Kobe ARAI Houyo 14 : 00
Hyogoken Himeji Gokoku Himeji MUKAI Takumi 15 : 00
Naraken Gokoku Nara YAMANAKA Zuiyo 15 : 00
Okayamaken Gokoku Okayama SHIYO 11 : 00
Bingo Gokoku Fukuyama 14 : 00
Hamada Gokoku  (Shimane) Hamada NAKAO Hiroko/TOTSUKAWA Masayo 14 : 00
Ehimeken Gokoku Matsuyama HAYASHI Ryuho 15 : 00
Kochiken Gokoku Kochi HAYASHI Ryuho 10 : 00
Fukuokaken Gokoku Fukuoka SUGITA Koki 14 : 00
Sagaken Gokoku Saga SASAKI Sokyu 11 : 30
Ōmura Gokoku  (Nagasaki) Omura SATOU Hosui 09 : 00
Oitaken Gokoku Oita MATSUMOT Shigeyuki 14 : 00
Miyazakiken Gokoku Miyazaki IWAO Satoshi 14 : 00
Kagoshimaken Gokoku Kagoshima MATSUDA Takashi   14 : 00

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