そして、広島・長崎への原爆投下へと至ってしまった発端の地サラエボでWA Spiritのスピーチ
Sarajevo City Hall (サラエボ市庁舎)
Dear all members of the "WA Project TAISHI"
Welcome to Sarajevo. I want to tell you why you are welcome? Thank you for bringing the spirit of Prince SHOTOKU. The Constitution proclaimed 1.400 years ago is a modern constitution. His First Article promotes universal civilization values. Therefore, the ”four keywords” which describe WA SPIRIT now appear to have been written in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 19 days we will celebrate in this same building 75 years of The State Anti-Fascist Council for the National Liberation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held in Mrkonjić Grad. On the principle of circulation WA SPIRIT came to Bosnia in 1943, in thae midle of the bloodiest war in human history. This historic event interrupted the cycle of hatred and instead of the war and political disharmojine implemented what you in Japan call YURUSHI and MISOGI. The result was half a century of peace and the greatest prosperity of Bona I Herzegovina in its history. I experienced the last war and siege of Sarajevo. From this experience, the Japanese term MISOGI in my free translation means: mind detoxification from hatred and other stresses. Regarding winners and losers in the war, I think that people who are free from hatred always win. Once again, welcome to Sarajevo and thank you for the nice feeling that the civilization value circulates regardless of time and space.

Vice Mayor of Sarajevo
Milan Trivic

 サラエボへようこそ。あなた方の訪問を心より歓迎します。聖徳太子の精神を教えていただき感謝いたします。一四〇〇年前に宣言された憲法は、現代にも通用する憲法です。聖徳太子の十七条憲法の第一条は、普遍的な文明の価値観を表しています。そのため、WA Spiritを説明する「四つのキーワード」は、あたかもボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナで書かれたように感じます。十九日後、私たちはこの同じ建物の中で、ムルコニチ・グラードで開催されたボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナ人民解放国家反ファシスト委員会の七十五周年を祝います。一九四三年、循環の原理に基づくWA Spiritは、人類史上最も凄惨な戦争の最中にボスニアにもたらされました。この歴史的な出来事は憎しみのサイクルを中断し、戦争と政治的不調和の代わりに、あなた方日本人が「許し」と「禊ぎ」と呼ぶものが行われ始めました。その結果、ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナの歴史に、平和の半世紀と最大の繁栄がもたらされたのです。私はサラエボの最後の戦争と包囲を経験しました。この経験から私の「禊ぎ」に対する解釈は、憎しみや他のストレスからの心の解毒です。戦争の勝者と敗者に関して考えると、憎しみから解放された人々が、常に勝者になると思っています。最後に、ようこそサラエボへ。文明の価値が時間と空間に関係なく循環するという素晴らしい感覚をもたらしてくれたことに感謝いたします。

サラエボ副市長 ミラン・トリビッチ
宮本辰彦スピーチ (和訳はこちら
Today, Japan is known as a country with one of the world's richest, or well documented histories of respect for Nature. However, like most countries we have been rift with strife, civil wars and political disharmony repeatedly in the past. WE have also endured our share of natural disasters which has caused our people suffering as well as those military and political wars. This year for instance, there were large earthquakes and typhoons, and the damage of these disasters has been enormous. Also, there was a world famous tsunami in Japan 8 years ago.

Japanese people have learned many things from such law(s) of nature. These experiences lead us the idea of ‘WA Spirit’. This is based on the first article of ‘Seventeen-Article Constitution’ that Prince Shotoku framed about 1,400 years ago, for the government officers of those days.
We explain this ‘WA Spirit’ with 4 English words, to make sure that not only Japanese, but foreigners can understand it: which is ‘spirit of circulation, harmony, tolerance and forgiveness.
We have learned these ideas through nature, and this ‘WA Spirit’ has been rooted deeply in Japanese people’s minds. That’s why we could recover even from wars, natural disasters and their severe damages without getting down, and lead us to the present prosperity.

In the natural world, everything is circulated. For example, the moon goes around the earth, and the earth goes around the sun. On the other hand, in microscopic world, the electron revolves around the atomic nucleus.
Or, water evaporates and becomes cloud. And the cloud turns into rain, and the rain becomes rivers and seas. Then again, the water evaporates and becomes cloud.
Carnivorous animals eat herbivorous animals, and herbivorous animals eat plants. The food chain also circulates in this way. As everything circulates in this manner, this nature and the universe are harmonized and maintained.

Actually, ‘Feeling’ also circulates in accordance with this law of nature. When we express hatred and anger, these feelings also circulate, and comes back to us. So, forgiveness is not for other people. Because the hatred and the anger towards others will definitely return to us, as they say, “goes around comes around”. The circulation of the whole makes the natural world last sustainably. This means that if we leave hatred and anger, as it is without any measures, the vicious circle of these feelings would last unlimitedly.

What is needed to stop the vicious circle is not hatred but YURUSHI. The Japanese word of YURUSHI implies ‘tolerance and forgiveness’. Our mind is released from the vicious circle by YURUSHI. Therefore, if we express love, the love also returns to us eventually.
Once again. Forgiveness is not for other people. It is for your own happiness.
What is important is not to want quick results shortsightedly. Sometimes it happens straightway, and sometimes it is realized in the grand flow of time. Either way, if this is the truth, our feelings will definitely follow this wise providence of the universe.

Despite of the two atomic bombing attacks and the total defeat in war to ruin a country, what made Japan to be one of the economic powers that invented the world’s fastest bullet train, and hosted the first Olympics in Asia, in only about 20 years? There would be various reasons for that. However, I’m sure that the idea of YURUSHI as a key, enabled Japan to recover from the damage miraculously rare in world history.

Purifying anger, hatred and various stresses in mind, and being reborn, are defined as ‘MISOGI’ in Japan. However, this is not a particular way of thinking found only in Japan.
Indian people bathe in the Ganges River. Or, water is used as various religions’ sacred utensil as it purifies and washes away everything. And I consider that its essence is YURUSHI as well.
The purpose of religions all over the world is people’s happiness. And happiness is created by mutual YURUSHI. Then, YURUSHI causes a circulation and constant good reset, and brings greater prosperity and peace of mind to the person.

Now, Japan has a long and rich history and flourished, in spite of repeated national crisis caused by wars and natural disasters. This fact proves the power of MISOGI and I would like to deliver that quality of resilience and forbearance that restricts the move toward revenge and victimization to the people all over the world.

About 25 years ago, the worst war crime in Europe after World War two happened in your country. However, peace was restored there by the endeavor of the people. What made it possible must be the mutual YURUSHI of your people. The next step waiting is the prosperity of your country. In order to gain that, the spirit of tolerance and forgiveness must be cultivated and deepened.
This time, the calligrapher members and I are here, to tell you that the spirit of YURUSHI will definitely bring prosperity to your country, and we would like you to believe in it.

Tatsuhiko MIYAMOTO


 私たち日本人はそんな自然の摂理から多くのことを学びました。そして、辿り着いたのがWA Spiritです。これは約1400年前に聖徳太子が、当時の役人向けの心得とした「十七条憲法」の第一条をモチーフにした思想でもあります。

 私はWA Spiritを日本人だけでなく、外国の方々にも理解できるように、4つの英単語で説明しています。それが「spirit of circulation, harmony, tolerance and forgiveness」です。






 その流れを断ち切るためには、憎しみではなく許し(YURUSHI)が必要です。許しとは「tolerance and forgiveness」の意味を含んだ日本語です。そして、許しによって自分の意識を悪循環からリセットします。だから、愛を発すれば、それもまた循環して自分に還ってきます。









 私たちはそれを知らせたいと思い、このたび書家の皆を連れて、WA Spiritを伝えるためにやってきました。そして、この許しの精神が間違いなく、貴国に繁栄をもたらすことに、確信を持っていただくためにやってきました。


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