Tatsu Meditation Tour
The highest energy place in Japan
Tenkawa Shrine Tour !!


Not only does the new age movement believe that Tenkawa Shrine has the highest ranking energy in Japan,
"This shrine is also regarded as one of several centers of divine energy in the world."
"The chief enshrined deity of the Tenkawa Shrine is Benzaiten, identified with Sarasvati, the goddess of Hinduism. Benzaiten (Sarasvati) is well-known as the god of art, litterature, music, and eloavence.
Tenkawa Shrine has been closely connected with Noh a kind of classical Japanese dance drama since medieval times, "Occasionally, Noh-plays are performed aon a Noh-Stage, built in the sanctuary building.
So this Shrine honors specifically, art and performance.
Historically, Emperor Jinnu used this shrine for rituals of prayer. It has also supported other noble families that have fallen on hard fimes such as, Emperor Godaigo.

-*- Date
*- Place
*- Time
*- Fee
July 8th, 2000 (Sat)
Nagoya International Center
7:30 am departure (meet at 7:15)
\10,000.- (including only lunch, not dinner)

-*- Itinerary

@ @ @ @
@ Aekuni Shrine (for rest)
Aekuni Shrine
*Main God: Oohikonomikoto
Not famous, but a lot of nature.
The god do a favor of traffic safety and long life.
Nyukawakami Shrine (for rest)
Nyukawakami Shrine
God of water which gives us life.
The god do a immeasureable favor for every people and material phenmena on the earth.
PPFRO @Arrival <TENKAWA village>
PQFST Lunch at OOTORI restaurant
Restaurant Ootori
Oyako Donburi (Chiken and egg china bowl) is the best!
@ After lunch...it is free time!
 **Tennokawa hotspring, visit Tenkawa shrine and meditaition**
Tenkawa Shrine
*Main God: Benzaiten (God of Art)

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Hot spring
Hot spring (Optional):

At this time, it is usually crowded.
We will go to the hot spring. It costs about \510. You can bring your own small towel, brush etc. They provide shampoo and soap.
PUFRO < Mitarai Ravine Canyon>
@ Mitarai Ravine Canyon Huge and wonderful nature!
You will be overwhelmed by large-scale nature and take no note of the time.
@ iMeditaiton, tooj
@ Start to go back, Souvenir shop
QPFOO Return to NIC
@ @

-*- Participant's comment!
I enjoy not only taking lesson Yoga and meditation, but Tatsu event.
Tenkawa Shrine is more modern than other shrines. Inside, it has a nice space for medidtation.
Near Tenkawa, there is a river were you can feel light ans spiritual energy I did some good meditation there.  Also near this Shrine, there is a big powerful rock with a shape of a six-pointed star, like the star of Atlantis. This is a very good place to visit and meditate.
I enjoyed visiting Tenkawa very much. I reccommend it for creative energy.

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