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Kagura: Beautiful dancing for ceremony
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On this trip we will have the rare opportunity to enter the shrine with a shinto priest and to assist a ceremony of prayer. You will be able to experience shinto style of praying.
On this tour, we will visit Ise Culture and History museum. They display many shinto ceremonial tools, many old archeological treasures, artwork and old customes.
The Ise Art Museum has more modern artwork.
It shows a collection of artist's work, presented to the god.
For dinner, tuna dish, a typical ISE meal: 'Tekonezushi'.

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July 23th, 2000 (Sun)
Nagoya International Center
8:30 departure (meet at 8:15)
(including Special cremony at Shrine and Dinner)
-*- Itinerary

@ @ @ @
XFRO Arrive Ise
POFOO Visit Museums
Jingu Chokokan Museum
Jingu Chokokan Museum
Jingu Nogyokan (Agriculture) Museum
Jingu Nogyokan (Agriculture) Museum
Jingu Museum of Fine Arts
Jingu Museum of Fine Arts
Jingu Chokokan Museum
It contains a display of various shrine treasures and garments, including historical documents which revel the whole history of the Japanese people's at Jingu.

Jingu Nogyokan (Agriculture) Museum
The first various collections including ceremonial foods and agricultural materials, Imperial offerings brought to Jingu by the Imperial Household.
inside Cyoko

Jingu Museum of Fine Arts
The Jingu Museum of Fine Arts established to commemorate the 61st (1993) Shikinen Sengu houses a collection of works of art donated to Jingu by Japanese foremost artists and craftsmen.
12:30 - 15:00 Goto Ise shopping and restaurant area &
Old town, Okage yokocho

Okage Yokocho

There are speciality shops restaurants, sweet shop and the other facilities.
You can enjoy the old style town.
15:00 - 18:30 Visit < Ise Shrine > More than six millions pilgrims and worshipers come to Ise Jingu every year
@ Femail god: Amaterasu Ise Shrine is the highest ranking shrine in Japan.
It tries to preseve the original shinto way of thinking and praying.  It is famous for Hatsumode, the first visit to the shrine in January.  It is built in a natural setting so, your visit to Ise Shrine involves walking past Isuzu river through tall evergreens.
The shrines are rebuilt every 25 years old, so they are very new. Still today, Japanese come from all over to visit the shrine.  Ise Shrine is a place of worship for Amateras, the god of the Sun.  Amateras is a female god. She is descendant of the Emperor Tenno and descendant of all Japanese. She resides at Ise Jingu.  Near Ise Shrine is yamatto Princess Shrine. This shrine represents Princess Yamatto who helped Amateras find her place at Ise.
@ a) Meditation at the river The Isuzu River
@ Isuzu river@ Beyond the daiichi torii (first sacred gateway) are stone steps that lead to the Isizi River.  Since ancient times pilgrims have made their ablutions here prior to worshiping before the main sanctuary, thus purifying body and mind by washing their hands in , and rinsing their mouth with, the waters of the sacred Isuzu River.
@ b) Special ceremony with Shinto priest Sacred dance
@@@ Special ceremony As an expression of gratitude for blessings, or again as a prayer for divine protection or assistance, worshipers delicate kagura (sacred dance) to the deities.  It is  distinctively Japanese forms of court dance performed to the sound of ancient music.
Note: Because we are going inside the shrine for the special ceremony,
you must not show your legs, bring either a skart or dress and light trousers.
@ c) Naiku Shrine (Meditation and Pray) Main Sanctuary
@@@ inside of shrine Amaterasu God is enshrined in the main sanctuary building of the inner sanctum of Naiku, in which the august mirror (the symbol of the kami, or goshintai) is kept and worshiped.  As they are most sacred, neither the august mirror nor the main sanctuary building may be seen by pilgrims or other visitors.  Within the inner sanctum are located treasuries to the left and right of the main sanctuary building.  
PXFOO Dinner at Sushi-kyu
(Japanese style restaurant)

Delicious! Tekonezushi
Note: For dinner, we will go to sushi-kyu, the building is old style Japanese architecture.
We usually have a tuna dish, a typical ISE meal: 'Tekonezushi'.  If you don't eat fish, you can order other dishes so, please tell Tatsu in advance.
QOFOO Ise Departure
QQFOO Return to Motoyama
@ @

-*- Participant's comment!
I have been to Ise shrine since spring '98.
I definitely recommend at least one visit to Ise, during your stay in Japan.
It's a wonderful place to visit for a sense of inner cleansing, re-energizing and a feeling of peace.
The energy there feels like pure, clear and white light.
Spend time meditating at the river and at Naigu shrine, feel the energ while you are there.

* We'll confirm your place on receipt of payment.
We would be happy if you could join us!

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