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There are many SHINTO shrines that are one of the beauty's of Japan.
SHINTO is the native religion of Japan. It is based on respect for one's ancestors and for nature. It does not have a sacred book like the Bible. Its basic belief is that kami(or gods) exist in all things.
We Tatsu invite you to come with us.

We'd like to tell you about our Japanese spirituality.
This tour is different from other previous tours.  We practice meditation and visit shrines so that you have deep understanding and experience.
We'd like to tell you about the beauty of Japan. (Arts, Nature and Arcitecture.)

You can apply for our tour NOW!

**  Tour Schedule for 2002  **
// Outing //

January 20th (Sun)

ISE Shrine Tour for Hatsumoude  in Mie
    To be continued!

// Monthly Event //
Every 11th
MISOGI at Tsubaki Shrine  in Mie

**  Previous Tours for 2001  **
// Outing //

January 28th (Sun)

ISE Shrine Tour for Hatsumoude  in Mie
March 4th (Sun) East-Kisyu Tour in Mie
April 1st (Sun) Visiting Shrins around Lake Biwa Tour in Shiga
June 16&17th
(Sat&Sun) 2 days
Healing Work in Tenkawa Shrine  in Nara
**  Previous Tours for 2000  **
// Outing //

May 14 (Sun)

Mt.Fuji & Sengen shrine Tour  in Shizuoka
June 11(Sun) Mt.Miwa easy climing & Shrines Tour in Nara    
July 8 (Sat) Tenkawa Shrine Tour in Nara
July 23(Sun) ISE Shrine & Special Shinto Ceremony Tour in Mie
We accept any request such as,
"I'm busy every Sunday, so you can plan a tour on a weekday?" or "I really wanna go to this place!"

To join us on our tours you must visit become a member of Tatsu's Healing Space.
It is free and everybody can join us.

* How to reserve *

Call Tatsu at  (052)783-5971  anytime or send email at Tatsu.

We'll confirm your place upon receipt of payment.

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