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Place of ISE called "God city" is high energy sport. You can feel kindness, warm and divine energy from top of the sky....
Paying your first visits of the year
ISE Shrine Tour for HATSUMODE
Ise Shrine is the highest ranking shrine in Japan.
It tries to preseve the original shinto way of thinking and praying.  It is famous for Hatsumode, the first visit to the shrine in January.  It is built in a natural setting so, your visit to Ise Shrine involves walking past Isuzu river through tall evergreens. The shrines are rebuilt every 25 years, so they are very new. Even today, Japanese come from all over to visit the shrine.

Why don't you join us?

-*- Date
*- Place
*- Time
*- Fee
January 20th, 2002 (Sun)
Motoyama Class
8:30 departure (meet at 8:15)
(including trasportation and dinner)
-*- Itinerary
  8:30 Leave Tatsu!      
10:30 Arrive Ise Shrine More than six million pilgrims and worshippers come to Ise Jingu every year
  * GEGU (Toyouke Daijingu)    
*Main God: Toyoukeno Oomikami
Ise Shrine is a place of worship of Amaterasu, the god of the Sun.  Amateras is a Goddess. She is the descendant of the Emperor Tenno and ancestor of all Japanese. She resides at Ise Jingu.

GEGU: Pray here for happiness in the physical world. For example: Money.
  * Taganomiya
*Main God: Toyoukeno Oomikami Aramitama
Wild energy of the God's spirit
13:00 Go to Ise shopping and restaurant area "OKAGE" forLunch & Free time
Okage Yokocho
おかげ横町 There are speciality shops restaurants, sweet shops and other facilities.
You can enjoy the old style town.
  * Aedobashihime Jinjya Short Lesson
*Main God: Ujibashino mamorigami
  At Aedobashihime jinjya, I will give a short lesson on Shinto, explaining and demonstrating how to pray.
15:00 *NAIKU (Koutai Jingu) (Meditation & Pray) Main Sanctuary
*Main God: Amaterasu oomikami
  The Goddess Amaterasu is enshrined in the main sanctuary building of the inner sanctum of Naiku, in which the august mirror (the symbol of the kami, or goshintai) is kept and worshipped.  As they are most sacred, neither the august mirror nor the main sanctuary building may be seen by pilgrims or other visitors.  Within the inner sanctum, treasures are located to the left and right of the main sanctuary building.  

NAIKU: Pray here for public or spiritual wishes. For example: for your country or the world, for your own spiritual development.
  * Aramatsurinomiya
*Main God: Amaterasu Oomikami Aramitama
Wild energy of the God's spirit
  Ise Departure    
20:00 Return to Motoyama    

** MEMO **
Every Gods consists of two main spirits which in themselves can be broken down further into other spirits. The two main spirits of Gods are: Aramitama, or, Wild spirit, and Nigimitama, or, Peaceful spirit.

-*- Participant's comment!
 I have been going to Ise Shrine since spring of '98.Rabbit
 I definitely recommend at least one visit to Ise, during your stay in Japan.
 It's a wonderful place to visit for a sense of inner cleansing, re-energizing and
 a feeling of peace.
 The energy there feels like pure, clear and white light.
 Spend time meditating at the river and at Naigu shrine, feel the energ while you are there.

* We'll confirm your place on receipt of payment.
We would be happy if you could join us!

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