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- You can visit 4 shrines a day! We know you must enjoy well!- 

- Shirahige Shrine
【Date】 April 1(sun)
【Time】 8:00 a.m.
【Place】 Tatsu Motoyama class
【Fee】 \10,000.- (including freeway and lunch)
【capacity】 the minimun tour member is 4
【Application】 ・Email info@tatsu.ne.jp
・Tel at Tatsu 052-783-5971
   Range course
We would visit following places!

*Shirahige-jinjya Shrine (Ukawa, Takashima Town)白髭神社

Shiga's oldest shrine dedicated to a god of Iongevity is famous for vermillion-laquered great archway standing in Lake Biwa.
TEL 0740-36-2001

*Hiyoshi-taisha Shrine (Sakamoto, Otsu)

This is the head shrine of nation-wide gods of mountain, famouse for scenic beauty of shinto shrine.
TEL 077-578-0009
admission fee ¥300

*Tatebe-taisha Shrine (Shinryo, Otsu City)

Takebe-taisha Shrine (jinryo, Otsu City) A large shrine with long history dedicated to "Yamato Takeru no Mikoto", a god of future improvement and marriage.
TEL 0775-45-0038

*Taga-taisha Temple (Taga, Taga Town)

dedicated to a god and goddess of longevity and marriage called "Izanagi no mikoto" and "Izanami no mikoto".
TEL 0749-48-1101

We maybe visit follow place if we have time!

*Bridge of Seda famous bridge

*Omatsu Beach 


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Let's Enjoy adventure together!