Tatsu's International

Tatsu's International offers a Healing space, Tours and Events.  

Tatsu's Healing Space is a Yoga center for relaxation, Chi (Ki) and Meditation.  Members come to this center to release the stress from their body,  from living in the city.  Once they learn how to relax they can refresh their mind and body and then, they can develop a higher consciousness.  

Tours are also organised so that members can also rediscover nature spiritual energy and their own inner balance.  Members can also learn about Japanese spirituality from visiting the shrines.

 Information about related events such as ceremonies, festivals, arts and entertaiment is also available.

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Why don't you join us on every 11th?
If you live in Nagoya, NIC is very useful for you....
*Nagoya International Center*

Tatsu's International
2-23 Mitsuke-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 464-0817
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